Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Quill

Almost at the finish line! Thanks to everyone who came out to Gallery Nucleus this past Sunday for the Brittney Lee event. It was super packed - way more than we anticipated. So we're very excited and can't wait to announce the next one.

Right now, I'm wrapping up a few final projects. This is one I created for my Science and Sustainability class. I call it my 'green quill' since it's green and about environmentalism (the focus of the class). GreenWorks by Clorox is actually a truly environmentally friendly product. It costs just a little bit more in the store, but I hope more people buy it. I think it's worth telling companies people are willing to make small, everyday changes for the environment and that will encourage more companies to start creating products like this. Total time....30 hours?

More to come soon!

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