Thursday, March 19, 2009

Digital Illustration Stuff

In Digital Illustration we had to make paper dolls. I did a circus series with a ring master, a circus cage, and a big blue bunny on the inside.

The template for the Big Blue Bunny inside the circus cage. You can print this out and make it yourself if you'd like!

Our last assignment was to create a character and put them on a product. I created a penguin named, Miles, who was targeted towards 5-7 year olds. I put him on lunch products kids might take to school.

Lunch box set.

This was a soup container with pop out spoon. I put Miles fishing for fish on the side.

The spoon has a small fishy on it.

The white lunch box with Miles on it.

Side view to show how skinny it is.

When it's opened it's a really cool lunch box.
I spent forever looking for the prefect one and I even use it!

Inks Drawings

This is a cat doodle I did with Higgins Ink in Expressive Type class. We were supposed to writing the word, 'dracula' but got bored really quickly and started drawing animals. I call him 'Catula' or 'Dracucat'.

An in-class drawing from this past week. We were supposed to exaggerate some aspect of the figure so I made his head big and shrunk his gun and legs.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drawing for Illustration

This was a drawing we did in class starting from the head and working our way up to the feet. It's probably the first in-class drawing I've ever done that I didn't hate.

Another drawing done in class working with the idea of black mass. Was she hairy or is that just the shadow side? Maybe a little bit of both?

Kato Master Copy

We had to do a master copy for my Sketching for Illustration class. I chose to do N.C. Wyeth. We had to copy the original painting stroke for stroke, color for color, value for value. Thus I don't care if its bragging because I worked long and hard on this stupid thing so I was glad to see that "A-" on the back.

3d Abstraction from Nature Dolphin Shell - Design 2 Final

For my design 2 final project, I did a 3d Abstraction of a Dolphin Shell. It's this creepy looking purple, pink, black seashell with spikes.

3d turn around of the final sculpture. It's made from plywood, acrylic and MDF. All done on the laser cutter. It's put together like a puzzle and yes, it's as complicated as it looks.

My idea came when Jon was taking about the idea of space, interiors and exteriors. So I literally created a box and broke it apart. I opened some spaces and closed others. The clear acrylic was was used as a device to 'close' space b/c it physically blocks it but is clear so is also 'open.' The acrylic also acts as a support device. I got the shapes by taking photos of my shell from 6 sides (top, bottom, front, back, side, side) then live traced them in illustrator and simplified. It turned out pretty good in the end but I struggled for a long time to come up with the concept.

Origami Kit- Design 2 Midterm

For my Design 2 midterm I created a line+dot Origami kit. This is the box I made for it - the materials are white book cloth that I ran through my inkjet printer.

Inside were 18 little booklets. Each booklet is self contained.

This is the sequence in which the book is opened. First line is the front and back of the booklet. When you first open it, you'll see my design (in this case symmetrical balance) and the name of the origami animal (owl) with an interesting fact. When you flip the page you'll see a National Geographic photo of that animal that is also an example of the design concept (symmetrical photo of an owl). Then a couple of pages of directions followed by a pocket in the back that holds square origami paper of my design for you to use as you fold. It's complicated, I know.

My favorite design. We got to choose a word or film and create a line + dot composition based off its idea. My word was "neat" which means clean and organized yet interesting and innovative.

The symmetrically balance composition.

The asymmetrically balance composition.

Emphasis by anomaly. Can you find it?

Self Portraits Galour!

Our final drawing for Comp & Drawing was a self-portrait in the style of Ingres. I didn't really get it, but this is how it turned out anyways.

For my Head and Hands class, we had to draw one hundred 3"x4" portraits. We chose 25 artists from 3 categories (Western Artists, Japanese Woodblock Print Masters, and Masters of American Comics). We copied three of their portraits and drew one self portrait in their style. The we cut and glued them to a 30x40 board for final presentation, as well as creating a hand bound self portrait book featuring the 25 self portraits. My favorite blocks from the 3 categories follow.

Charles Schulz

James Montgomery Flagg

Kate's Wedding Photography

I offered to be my friend, Kate's, wedding photographer to help her cut costs. I didn't do the best job since I'm not a professional but there were some really cool shots that came out of it. This one is of Kate beautiful as always, but even more so on her wedding day.

This is what her future family is going to look like. Too cute.

I caught an action shot of the flower girl doing a twirl. I remember when I was a flower girl and my youngest sister shouted, "Why is Jackie getting married?" as I walked down the aisle. It was embarrassing even then.

Best friends! I'm so glad no one was blinking and the smiles were perfect!

Party favors that were so cool! They were seeds inside so extra environmentally special.

I Do Photography Too!

I used to be a photofreak in high school. I'd have my fancy 35mm camera with me every where and annoy my friends to death. Here's a portrait I took of Jake. He's was so young.

This is the photo that Frank and I developed together back in high school. We spent hours talking while waiting for things to set. It was some of our best times.

The Chicago Art Museum. The lighting was just so awesome I had to capture it. I still love it to this day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just for Paul

i was forced to create this blog for paul. hi, paul.