Monday, April 29, 2013

Rapunzel 2.0

Rapunzel has always been one of my favorite fairy tales.  So much so that I created a Rapunzel paper sculpture back in late 2009 featuring the prince climbing the tower.  I've always felt that the Rapunzel sculpt was a landmark piece in my artistic development - it was the first time I integrated quilling with paper sculpting and dimensional quilling at that.

But as an artist, I recognize a lot of design flaws I made in the piece as I was a student when I created it.  There are just things here and there that I wanted to change to make the piece better but there so many things I loved and didn't want to change.  So with the help and encouragement of the amazing, Helen Yoon, she pushed me to revamped my Rapunzel piece and am proud to introduce Rapunzel 2.0!

My original Rapunzel piece is still something I love, but I've decided that its prints are headed for retirement.  This the last call for anyone interested in purchasing the original Rapunzel print at a discounted rate, here at my etsy shop.  In addition, Rapunzel 2.0 is on a discounted pre-sale until May 13th at my store as well.

Thanks to everyone who loved and appreciate my first Rapunzel piece, I hope you love this new piece just as much! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Circus Pop-Up

For Wonder Con, I wound up debuting a new pop-up that I worked on with my booth partner, Helen Yoon.

This circus pop-up was something that I originally developed back in 2011 when coming up with possible take-aways/promos for myself when graduating.  I ultimately wound up doing with my pop-up sheep because they were smaller and could easily sit on recruiters' desks.

But as Wonder Con was approaching, I wanted to re-visit the idea of freestanding pop-ups.  There's just something about them, that really appeals to me - a mix between a sculpture, toy, and card, all rolled into one!

So, as I was tinkering with my old pop-up, I showed to Helen, just to see if it was even worth finishing up.  At this point, I already had a rough white version done with the basic illustration worked out.  All I had to do was illustrate it, but as I showed it to her, her eyes lit up!  She immediately jumped at the chance to illustrate and I'm ever so glad she did!  Below is an example of the rough line work I already had, and how Helen make it a million times better than I ever could.
You can read more about our collaborative process here, on Helen's blog.  The circus pop-up is also available on my etsy store for anyone interested in having a copy of their own!