Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

For my final in my 3d pop up engineering class, I decided to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It's done through 5 scenes stuck together, so it creates a 360 degree story. This is known as a carousel.

First round of designs for little red & the wolf.
The wolf kind of looks like a cat-bear.

Sketches for the wolf meeting little red.

Front and back cover.

Top View

Hand lettered font on the front done with gold paint.

Front cover corner image.

Little Red Riding Hood leaves her house with a basket of goods for her grandmother.

Along the path she meets a wolf who convinces her to stop and pick flowers.

By the time she gets to her grandmother's house,
the wolf has eatten her grandmother and is waiting for Little Red in the bed.

When she meets the wolf, he jumps out of bed and gobbles her up.

But in the end, the hunter comes and saves the day,
so Little Red is reunited with her grandmother.

3d Pop Up Peacock

In class we were told to create a personal promo, so I created a 3d pop up. They're pretty rare to find and cool when you do.

Peacock in mock up stage.
Ugly and unshaped with white paper and lots of tape.

This is the artwork on the peacock. It's done through quilling paper.

Close up of the quilled paper.

Finished peacock.

Folded Flat.

The head.

It was a promo so has my contact info.

Will Weston Classes

Here are some pieces from a class I took with Will Weston.

Design of Submarine built by an 8 yr old from everyday parts.

An evil beaver damn based of City of Darkness