Monday, June 11, 2012

Paper from Paris!

I recently returned from my honeymoon in Europe!  We had a wonderful two weeks here (a cruise through the Mediterranean and then 5 days in Paris).  A much needed trip after the craziness of my wedding - photos of all my hand made paper flowers and other goods to come.

Paris was an amazing city and the only thing I would up bringing back with me was paper!  I wish I had more room my luggage if I had though ahead and I wished I had done more research as to where to go.  Here are my finds:

 Marie Papier
This was the first little shop we visited. Not only did they have a great paper selection, but they also sold hand made notebooks.  They had some colors I felt I couldn't find in the US as well as lots of different textures like foil, crushed velvet, and white on white vellum.  I wound up buying lots of individual sheets of paper.


l'Art du Papier 
This was by far my most favorite paper store!  There are multiple locations and I wished I had time to go to more than one just to see if the paper selections were the same.  But this one alone had a really great selection.  A lot of their papers had really cool patterns and textures on them but I couldn't take one of each since they were so large.  So  I wound up buying these little booklets that had a variety of paper types in it instead.

 Loisir et Creation
This was the last place we visited.  It's the equivalent of Micheal's in the US just smaller in space, but a nice selection of crafting supplies.  You could also buy small sheets of individual paper, but it was mainly for scrapbooking, so too thin for a lot of my projects.  However, I really liked these little packets of paper that were just slightly textured and came in a variety of colors.  I got two just to try out at home.

All in all, I was hoping to find more smaller, individual stores that sold paper because they seemed to have a more unique selection, but alas we ran out of time.  I also wanted to find a place that sold some hand made stationary like letter pressed cards, but also came up empty.  So if you know of any more great paper places to hit up in Paris, let me know for next time!