Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dream-Con 2010

So one of the other major projects I got to work on during my internship at DreamWorks was this festival called, Dream-Con. It's kind of like comic-con where artists each get a table and sell their artwork but Dream-Con is a smaller function limited to studio workers only.

I wasn't able to post these until after the event occurred, which was this past Tuesday. So here are some of the posters I got to make for the event. The dates are all off but that's b/c it changed like 3x throughout the summer.

The Save-The-Date tags were actually made and hung on the doors of some workers to encourage participation. Name tags, sandwich boards, table tents and other various things were made that all fell into the same 'theme' I designed. Overall it was really fun to be able to do branding for this event.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stork Paper Sculpture

On Monday, August 30th, one of my best friends from high school had her very first baby! So in honor of this occasion, I made her a paper sculpture as a baby gift.