Sunday, August 29, 2010

DreamWorks Thank You Pop-Up

My summer was pretty busy and packed with lots of amazing experiences. One of the greatest parts about being an intern at DreamWorks animation was the ability to get to meet and speak with lots of artists. I had the fortune of being able to meet and share my portfolio with lots of people. Some included:

I got lots of amazing feedback and even impressed some people with my paper work. Overall, it was a great experience and encouraging. As a thank you to my fellow DreamWorkers, I created a special handmade pop-up card.

Yes, the even the envelopes were individually crafted.

The inside of the thank you card reads,
"Thanks for helping me reach new heights!"

Close up of the card and characters

Close up of the monkeys

What the top of the card looks like

I have to give a special thanks to my very good friend and artist, Laura West! I wouldn't have been able to make all that I needed (20 cards in total) if it wasn't for her willingness to stay up with me until 3am several nights and helping me cut out the pieces for the cards so I could assemble the pieces.