Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted stuff mainly b/c it's been crazy busy for me. Right now I'm doing another full time summer internship at DreamWorks Animation. This time in the Show Development/Research department. (Back in 2005, while at USC, I was in their Digital Training and Technical Development Department.) It's not an official art internship but I've been doing a lot of posters and graphic work for them. I'll ask my boss and see if he'll let me post some of the stuff I've done for them on my blog.

Besides that, I have a lot of side projects going on too. Currently, I'm working on another pop up book (8 spreads this time) as an independent study with my color teacher, Richard Keyes. It's schedule to be done sometime in August but I'm definitely behind because I'm just so tired after working all day. But I plan on catching up soon. So it will get done!

In addition to that, I'll also be doing a paper sculpture for one of my long time high school friend who's having her first baby in September. It's going to be for her son's nursery so check back for that in September.

I'll try to update with more work when I finally get new work done.