Monday, December 14, 2009

Dynamic Sketching Final Book

For our final project in Dynamic Sketching we were told to do a 'best of' our drawings from each of our 8 field trips. I repeated my theme of interactivity from my scrap into my book. So there are pull tabs and spinning wheels and some pop ups in there.

I have some still photos of the book and included a video minus sound (tv was playing some CSI in the background) because you can better see the book. Pardon the amateurish way it as done and the glitch here or there where the tabs get snagged. The awkwardness is me trying to get it work.

Dynamic Sketching Scrap

One of the assignments in Dynamic Sketching was to do 'scrap' which was supposed to be doodles and sketches on random stuff like napkins, coasters, books, etc. I asked at the beginning of the semester if I could do dimensional and/or interactive work instead of flat drawings and my teacher was sure. So here's some of what I did.

Where the Wild Things Are pop up diarama

Squid vs. Octopus

Combination Lock using zoo animals

Paper toy Cowboy

Digital Life Final

This is a painting about Rashid, a famous storyteller in this decrepit village. He's such a wonderful storyteller that people create makeshift stages in alleys and monkeys stop their chattering from the rooftops just to hear him speak.

Digital Life

In class paintings from my digital life class. Thus they were done digitally using a combo of Photoshop and Corel Painter. I'd say about 1.5 hrs per painting is what we were given.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bryn's Thank You Card

This semester at school I joined the DotExchange Mentorship Program and was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor. Her name was Bryn Imagire and she works at Pixar as an art director! She's the nicest person ever and very patient. I asked so many questions and she answered them all plus more! It was a great mentorship exchange and has really influenced me in big ways. So I made Bryn a thank you card for encouraging me to pursue what I love and one of the things is pop ups! Thus it only seemed fit to make her a pop up card.

Handmade Card + Handmade Envelope

Outside of the card reads: "Just Wanted to Say..."

Inside of the card

Rest of the card reads: "Thanks a bunch!"

Close up of monkeys inside