Monday, April 19, 2010

Color & Story: The Prestige

In our Color & Story class we had to redo the film, The Prestige. It's an amazing film and I recommend you see if you haven't. Above was all that I turned in for my final. Below are close ups.

Our color scripts were limited to 24 frames which made it kind of hard.
Yes, Lou Romano was a big influence.

Character Line Up. I didn't actually cut these out with paper.
I created vector shapes in illustrator and used the shapes
to mask colored paper that had texture.

Key Scene 1:
Angier spies on Borden's new family. It should have been his life.

Key Scene 2:
Borden is explaining to Angier that the real secret to the fishbowl trick.

Key Scene 3:
Jess comes to visit Borden in jail and Borden learns Lord Caldlow is Angier.

Key Scene 4:
A firey end as Fallon/Borden kills Lord Caldlow/Angier.

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