Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guys and Dolls (Graphics for Entertaiment Final)

city block in color with characters

details of the signage for the city block

Mindy's Restaurant Menu Cover

Miss Adelaide's Poster

In our Graphics for Entertainment class our instructor, Paul Rogers, had us redesign signage from the film, Guys and Dolls. We had to do a NY city block that included the Hot Box, Mindy's Restaurant and the Save-A-Soul Mission. Then we also had to design a Mindy's menu cover and a poster for Miss Adelaide's show at The Hot Box. The film was made in the 50's so I tried to do it in the style of 50's cartoons and commercials. The book, 'Cartoon Modern' was a huge influence.

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Aaron said...

Fantastic Work Jackie! Especially the final. Mindy's looks great too!