Saturday, March 14, 2009

Origami Kit- Design 2 Midterm

For my Design 2 midterm I created a line+dot Origami kit. This is the box I made for it - the materials are white book cloth that I ran through my inkjet printer.

Inside were 18 little booklets. Each booklet is self contained.

This is the sequence in which the book is opened. First line is the front and back of the booklet. When you first open it, you'll see my design (in this case symmetrical balance) and the name of the origami animal (owl) with an interesting fact. When you flip the page you'll see a National Geographic photo of that animal that is also an example of the design concept (symmetrical photo of an owl). Then a couple of pages of directions followed by a pocket in the back that holds square origami paper of my design for you to use as you fold. It's complicated, I know.

My favorite design. We got to choose a word or film and create a line + dot composition based off its idea. My word was "neat" which means clean and organized yet interesting and innovative.

The symmetrically balance composition.

The asymmetrically balance composition.

Emphasis by anomaly. Can you find it?

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