Saturday, March 14, 2009

3d Abstraction from Nature Dolphin Shell - Design 2 Final

For my design 2 final project, I did a 3d Abstraction of a Dolphin Shell. It's this creepy looking purple, pink, black seashell with spikes.

3d turn around of the final sculpture. It's made from plywood, acrylic and MDF. All done on the laser cutter. It's put together like a puzzle and yes, it's as complicated as it looks.

My idea came when Jon was taking about the idea of space, interiors and exteriors. So I literally created a box and broke it apart. I opened some spaces and closed others. The clear acrylic was was used as a device to 'close' space b/c it physically blocks it but is clear so is also 'open.' The acrylic also acts as a support device. I got the shapes by taking photos of my shell from 6 sides (top, bottom, front, back, side, side) then live traced them in illustrator and simplified. It turned out pretty good in the end but I struggled for a long time to come up with the concept.

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