Sunday, June 23, 2013

WonderGround Wrap Up

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney the past three weeks!  It was a pleasure to meet and chat with everyone!  And a BIG thanks to all the cast members who work at the store - so nice and professional!

For anyone who wasn't able to make it down, I've been informed that my work will remain up until Friday, July 5th.  So you're still able to purchase originals, prints, and pop-ups. 

The following are two new pieces I created while at the gallery.  I'm happy to say they've both found great homes to some super awesome people.

I also found these three still hanging around.  If anyone is interested in purchasing them, feel free contact me.


Shawn Boyles said...

These are just gorgeous. How long does each one take?

Jackie Huang said...

Hi Shawn. The time it takes varies from piece to piece depending on its complexity. I'd say the 3 fairy godmothers took about 30 hours and the Tinkerbell one took about 10. The other three Disney ones each took about 25 -30 hours each.