Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've been meaning to finish this paper illustration for the last four weeks and I finally decided to do it (mainly b/c it was taking up space on my working desk and was driving me nuts). When I create these paper illustrations it's like putting together a puzzle and I try not to glue anything til I'm close to the end in case I decide to change my mind. However, this means that it's also really easy to loose these tiny pieces of paper that look like trash so I have to try and avoid moving it as much as possible. Now with school starting up I needed my space back and finished this as fast as possible. Actual size is 9" x 20". Total time it took from concept to framing....15 hours?


Anonymous said...

I love how you've incorporated quilling and paper cutting into the same piece. It's a great effect, and I really REALLY love this piece! I'm glad to have found you today (through Ann Martin at All Things Paper)!

Jackie said...

thanks for your kind words gail!

wenlolz said...

Beautiful! This is great! May I ask you something? Where can someone study this kind of art? Do you teach? :) me and my best friend want to study all about papercutting, quilling, pop-up, etc. we started on our own December 29th of last year, but we would like to learn more, from people like you.
What would you recommend?