Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting into Galleries

Recently, I've been asked by some people how I've been getting my work into galleries. Well, to be honest, I've just been kinda of lucky. Mainly, people have seen my work somewhere and emailed me about being in a show.

However, after meeting with these gallery owners, I asked them what they recommend to new artists hoping to branch into the gallery world. Most of them have said they are open for artists to submit their work for consideration through their websites. So look closely for something that encourages you to submit your work and then follow the directions.

One of the most popular galleries in Los Angeles is Gallery Nucleus. I have a ton of friends dying to get into this gallery and am friend with the owner so have chatted with him a bit about it. He says that popular galleries often have so many submissions they won't be able to get back to you with a yes or a no. Rarely do they do open calls, but when they do, make sure to take advantage. For instance, Gallery Nucleus had an open call for their Harry Potter show for over a year and actually didn't get that many entries.

A few opportunities now:
  1. For anyone still looking to get into Gallery Nucleus, please consider making work for their Powers in Numbers gallery. Moderated by Nucleus, this online gallery showcases quality original artwork at affordable prices. All work measures 5"x7" and is priced at $50 or $100. Artists are welcome to submit for possible inclusion in this project. Proceeds from each sale benefits the artist's chosen charity.
  1. Modest Fly Art Gallery is having an End of the Year “What is Modest to You” Small Works Juried Art Competition. To enter the competition, send examples of your work, a maximum of 5 pieces, with a $25 check to Modest Fly Art Gallery. If your work is not accepted into the show, your check will be returned to you. Entered works must be a maximum size of 12“ x 12” framed. If you would like to enter your work via email, please send small jpegs of your work to and mail your check to the gallery. The deadline to enter the show is November 12th, 2011.
Good luck to those that apply!

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