Monday, December 13, 2010


I totally forgot to post about this when it came out! During my summer internship at DreamWorks I was volunteered by boss, Angela Lepito to help out Christophe Lautrette and Pierre-Olivier Vincent (POV). They had wanted me to adjust the cover of their book, Moonshine. They had some elements they wanted to delete and others they wanted to add or move around. This all sounded relatively do-able until I opened the files and found out they were flattened. I was so nervous about potentially not coming through for them that I immediately jumped into the project. Within an hour or two I contacted them to come check my work. POV came to look at it and expressed his surprise that I completed it so fast. The next day they only had a few minor changes. But it now appears as the final cover on the Moonshine book and if you look closely in the back you'll see my name mentioned in the special thanks section by Angela Lepito.

I also got do a some promo stuff for the book, like the postcard below. If you haven't checked out the book, definitely do.

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