Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bryn's Thank You Card

This semester at school I joined the DotExchange Mentorship Program and was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor. Her name was Bryn Imagire and she works at Pixar as an art director! She's the nicest person ever and very patient. I asked so many questions and she answered them all plus more! It was a great mentorship exchange and has really influenced me in big ways. So I made Bryn a thank you card for encouraging me to pursue what I love and one of the things is pop ups! Thus it only seemed fit to make her a pop up card.

Handmade Card + Handmade Envelope

Outside of the card reads: "Just Wanted to Say..."

Inside of the card

Rest of the card reads: "Thanks a bunch!"

Close up of monkeys inside


Paul Cohen said...

Wow, that is something else Jackie. Well done!

Paul Cohen said...

I mean, that probably has to be one of the most elaborate thank you cards I've ever seen.

Jocelyn Liang said...

Wow it looks really beautiful and well crafted! It's so awesome that it looks more than professional. No more stupid cheesy Hallmark cards for you huh :D.
Your mentor will love it no doubt. Not just because it's really good but because you took the time to make it!

And is that a monkey butt? That's hilarious XD. Gotta love the humor.

Jocelyn Liang said...

Oh wait I just realized those weren't monkey butts! XD;; It's hard to tell in the photo haha!