Friday, April 17, 2009

Expressive Type

My fancy Dr. Seuss inspired 'A'. My teacher didn't like it very much b/c the 'a' got lost. But it was still a cool drawing.

For one of our assignments, we had to create a logo for a restaurant. I choose this great place back in St. Louis called "Pastries of Denmark." I probably would have used a more script-like font but we were forced to design something that was more San Serif.

My final project for Expressive Type was to create a CD cover. I choose to do an emblem for the violinist, Vanessa Mae. Her music is based off classical stuff but with a modern twist (sometimes techno stuff and weird sound effects). So my emblem has just her initials with swashes to recall the look and feel of the violin scroll as well as a baroque feel.

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